Vegie Energy 4 Diesels

Veggie Energy 4 Diesels

A newcomer’s Guide to Biodiesel Hardware

In this guide we discuss what the needs of the newcomer to homebased biodiesel production are. It is not a book on the intricate recipe methodology of how to make biodiesel as there are already plenty of resources available to teach you how to do that, although we do cover the process in an general description.

Where the strength of this book is found is in offering the newcomer a variety of options dealing with the most commonly used hardware equipment in homebased biodiesel production. For those so inclined it can also be used as a teaching tool at School, Agricultural Fairs and the like.

This book is aimed at the absolute newcomer, a person who is not aware of biodiesel and it’s hardware, or someone looking to get into homebased production and wants a guide as to what equipment is needed for it’s production. It is meant as educational information only; each person building a biodiesel reactor is responsible for adequately seeing to it’s safety features. We accept no liability for misuse of chemicals or injury due to negligeance or ignorance of the needed safety measures that should be in place.

At the back of the book we have included a set of MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the most commonly used chemicals in the biodiesel production. These are to be placed in a 3 ring binder in the reactor house.

For the time being Veggie Energy 4 Diesel is not available in hard cover but is now available in PDF form.

PDF files are attached to the email adress you provide with your payment of $5.00 and are sent as soon as payment is received.

Acceptable methods of payment are : personal cheque (that has your name and adress on it),bank draft,certified cheque. It is at your risk that you send cash through the mail.

$5.00 is not a lot for something like this and could potentially save many hours not to mention dollars for the beginner in homebased biodiesel production.

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Thank you for your support and encouragement. Feedback on how this book affected your choices is appreciated.